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SUMMA METAL: PRESENT IN MIAMI TO BETTER TARGET THE U.S. MARKET For a few years now, our company, Summa Metal, has been present in Miami, Florida. It is proof of the focus that we have put on the U.S. market as part of our commercial development in accordance with our company growth strategy. The Miami team is led by our president, Leandro Stella, who oversees all […] Cross Read more
SUMMA METAL IS EXPANDING! To meet our clients’ growing demand and at the same time modernize part of production by adding cutting edge technical equipment, the SUMMA METAL Terrebonne plant surface area is being increased by 9,567 sq. ft., which is more than half the current surface area of 16,606 sq.ft. The new facilities will enable the purchase of […] Cross Read more
SUMMA METAL REACHES A NEW SUMMIT 500 000 pounds of steel, 5,600 hours of manufacturing and nearly 15,000 hours of installation: this is what it took at SUMMA METAL to carry out the structural reinforcement work on the mast structure of the Montréal Tower (also known as the Olympic Stadium Tower). The project was entrusted to us by Pomerleau. At 165 […] Cross Read more
An exceptional project: Casino de Montréal Pomerleau commissioned Summa Metal to assist with the Casino de Montréal renovations. Opened in 1993, this establishment has a rich history and enjoys an international reputation and a unique location on Île Notre-Dame, so we are proud to have participated in this ambitious project. The architects relied on our specialized design, fabrication and installation services […] Cross Read more